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Over the last few years, cryptocurrency has been increasingly popular, and everyone is seeking for methods to profit from it. You can either join Get Paid To (GPT) sites that pay in cryptocurrency or use a cryptocurrency faucet to get free coins. One such website is Faucet Crypto, which allows you to earn free bitcoin with no commitment.

What is 1xbitcoin Website?

The 1xbitcoin website was created and launched in October 2019 with the goal of introducing new individuals to the cryptocurrency world by offering free money in exchange for performing easy activities. They have declared unequivocally that you will not become wealthy or earn your income.

It’s akin to an RPG game in idea. You can utilise stuff, sell them to real gamers on the market, and level up! Whatever you accomplish in Faucet Crypto will earn you experience points, which you may use to advance in level. Every time you level up, you’ll get better benefits.

How do you make money using Faucet Crypto?

You may earn cryptocurrency by performing a variety of tasks found on the Faucet Crypto website.


The most common technique to get money on this site is to claim money from their faucet. You must wait 25 minutes between each claim, however you can decrease the time by using an item like a time booster (if you discover one). When the timer runs out, complete a captcha and wait 10 seconds to receive the free currency. If the system has already verified that you are human, you can skip the captcha. After you’ve made the claim several times, this method is frequently achievable.

Paid to Click and Shortlinks

You can also earn coins by seeing the commercials in the PTC advertising section and clicking on them. Wait 10 seconds after clicking on the adverts. When the timer goes off, click the proceed button to be sent to the advertised website. Wait 16 or 40 seconds, depending on the ads clicked, to be eligible for the claim. The window, on the other hand, must remain in focus at all times. The number of PTC advertising you can click is limited, and it is renewed every day. You can also choose to earn coins by clicking on short links. Wait 15 seconds before being redirected to the short link to claim your currency, similar to the faucet.

Offerwalls and Surveys

Isn’t this just like GPT sites? Yes, you can earn money by conducting surveys and other internet jobs. However, the earnings are far lower than on traditional GPT sites. However, you must achieve level 20 before entering this segment, which is rather easy to do.

You might be interested in learning about the best GPT sites that we’ve examined and found to be legitimate and pay its members.

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