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3 Amazing Android apps NOT AVAILABLE ON PLAY STORE 2019

No 1: Appvn Apk

Appvn is an app store where you can find your device’s apps and games. It’s a social network of mobile content! Through this app you can find and download some of the most popular and requested apps.Now you may be wondering how you can get free premium apps and games. The answer is clear. Most apps are updated versions of the original’s premium models. These do not vary in any way from the original except that you can enjoy the premium feature without having to pay for it that you probably won’t find in the regular app stores. Within closed Android circles, similar apps such as ACMarket, HappyMod, and other MOD stores are gaining popularity.

Isn’t it cool if you can get a free app and free download other expensive apps and games that otherwise make you go broke? Okay, it’s real, and with Appvn you can do it.

Appvn Apk Features

The apps that Appvn has put all the other app stores on the market in a fierce competition. This app has everything you can see in an app store. Appvn’s main features include:

  • The app store with other operating systems such as iOS and Windows is available on Android.
  • The software is user-friendly and easy to use. Users are able to use a search bar to scan for their favorite apps they are searching for.
  • All apps and games, including paid apps in other app stores, are found free of charge. Free eBooks and applications for TV shows are also available.
  • Shortly and even before it reaches the official release, games like Minecraft will be available on the Appvn app store.
  • Appvn breaks the language barrier that many app stores are faced with.
  • Appvn is a very agile and lightweight framework with almost 20 MB of file size.
  • For both Android and iOS devices, Appvn is available.
  • Download Trending, Latest, Popular Collections Free APK apps and games.
  • To find movies, apps, games and more tools, use the advanced search bar.

Download App Apk

Download Appvn Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 2: Tickle my Phone Apk

Tickle My Phone is an app that allows you to use text messages to remotely control your Android smartphone. With this app, by sending text messages from another device, you can perform all kinds of actions. The way Tickle My Phone works is pretty complex, but basically you’ve got to do the following: install the app on the smartphone you want to control, tick the’ Hide My Phone commands ‘ box in’ Manage SMS / Text message rules’ (if you don’t want to display information every time you do an action), and that’s it.

Once these steps have been completed, all you need to do is send text messages to the smartphone on which you installed the app. You can take pictures, call numbers, vibrate, connect or disconnect the smartphone from Bluetooth, and more. My Phone Tickle is an interesting app. If you want it to be, it may even be dangerous. How? Well, if you install it on somebody’s smartphone without knowing it, you can make your smartphone do all kinds of things without suspicion.

Tickle my Phone Apk Features

  • Software Tickle My Phone (TMP) should call the sender back
  • Send the recipient and send the speaker
  • A live image is taken by the TML application and is sent as an attachment to the required email
  • TML application will record 20 seconds of live video and send an attachment to the specified email
  • For 10 seconds, vibrate the phone
  • TML will call the number with the speaker stated in the SMS Body
  • TML will give the GPS location to the recipient, address with links to the Google map
  • Retrieve all text(inbox / sent) from the SMS and send it to the message recipient
  • Record the live audio for 30 seconds and attach the audio file to the specified email

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Download Tickle my Phone Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 3: Apk

You have access to more than 2.7 million song lyrics with Letras. Choose the artists ‘ lyrics and interpretations you like best and take the music anywhere you go. Have you felt the urge to embrace Marília Mendonça’s sound of suffering? We’ve got it! And what is the singing of Ed Sheeran in Perfect? We also got the translation. To find out what the song means when playing in another game, in the settings we give you automatically, activate the lyric notification feature.

If you’re using Spotify and want to make it even easier, allow the integration option and you’re done: listen to lyrics to your songs. Have you listened to a song on the radio or in the bar and been curious to know her name? In the hunt for the letter of what you are saying, enter our identifier. Ah… and it’s even more fun to learn English or other languages with music! Use the app to check the interpretation and challenge what the artist also sang. Apk Features

  • A music player for the tracks you have on your phone, showing you the lyrics every time you play.
  • Letras describes it when listening to a track on another game and invites you to see the lyrics
  • Turn your device to read the translation of texts
  • In the app you can choose your favorite music videos, different versions of the songs and even concerts.
  • Letras recommends playlists based on your musical profile that will fit your taste.

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Download Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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