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5 Incredible Lauchers All Time

No 1: Alpha Hybrid Launcher Apk

Downloading Alpha Hybrid Launcher provides you the choice of replacing the default launcher or switching between launcher devices. Alpha Hybrid Launcher on the Android phone does not reproduce the home screen of the user. Users are still required to buy and/or download any fresh Google Play applications. Now get the Faster access with classy look on all your essential information. Alpha Launcher can put your favorite items on the home screen in a circle look, install it once to get the best 2019 launcher on android os platform.

Alpha Hybrid Launcher Apk Features

  • Sorting alphabetically or installing the app name, resizing the app icon, changing the app icons, uninstalling the app, redirecting it to the Google Play app page, recent search listings and more.
  • Alpha learns from your past searches and provides you with accurate search outcomes, searching the internet and phone in one location. Use the universal search bar of Alpha Launcher to search the web or your files, apps, docs, messages and web results.
  • Have voice recognition (virtual voice assistant) full tasks for you such as reading unread text messages, reading sms, creating appointments, setting voice reminders-letting you know from your calendar and more.
  • To lock your phone, customize with profound gesture customization, swipe left to search app drawer, swipe up to fav applications, swipe right to widget and more.

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Download Alpha Hybrid Launcher Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 2: AUG Launcher Apk

AUG Launcher-A excellent Android launcher that enables you to transform and make your smartphone truly unique. It has many excellent characteristics, lovely design, soft robots. You can use it to handle gestures, get a lot of settings and instruments, dialer to make fast calls to chosen phone numbers. If you’re new to AUG L, please follow the tutorial / Help (AUG L Settings-> Help) to comprehend how AUG L functions. Communicating through remarks is very hard. Please email me if you have any doubts / suggestions. Editing the gestures on the basis of your priority is recommended. Choose a viable gesture sensitivity at home.

AUG Launcher Apk Features

  • Tell the ancient launchers farewell and attempt something fresh with sketches to make your phone a lovely experience.
  • Use a swipe(8 swipe activities) to rapidly access / start your favorite applications.
  • One of the most lovely features is to provide “OWNER” and “GUEST” customers with a safe wall. AUG L App locker will not lock applications and “HIDDEN APPS” that are noticeable in your “APP DRAWER” mode in “OWNER” mode.
  • Have a powerful application locker that saves memory (RAM & ROM), battery and also makes a great experience in combination with “User Modes.”
  • Search your existing phone contacts using gesture and make calls(when in “CONTACT MODE”. Go to tutorial for more.).It’s that easy.
  • Hide Apps and make a clean UI that holds your privacy.

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Download AUG Launcher Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 3: Live Icons Launcher Apk

The only launcher app to make your phone’s ALIVE app icons! Say “NO!” on your home screen to boring icons of your favorite games, utilities, instant messengers and social media! Set any of the animation modes: in-app event, constantly animated icon or non-animated icon. Live (animated) launcher icons app is cooler than any live wallpaper and even themes. This is indeed a very useful feature and only provided by osmino Launcher is a real fan. Now you can easily find some application on the home screen, view events that don’t need to use heavy widgets that eat up the screen and storage space and consume battery.

Launcher Live icons also offer an exclusive collection of wallpapers, the number of different themes for the home screen will soon be served as well as live wallpapers. Quick access top panel makes it easy to access the selection of wallpapers and themes, animation settings, favorite apps and contacts, widgets, mirror and flashlight, search box for google launcher. This is a version of the beta launcher and your feedback and suggestions are welcome! Send us your favorite app list to live their icons and themes you’d like to have!

Live Icons Launcher Apk Features

  • The only launcher with icons for the animated app
  • Unique animation of popular applications icons
  • Animated shows with your apps icons timed to public holidays and special events
  • Set icon animation constantly or for app events!

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Download Live Icons Launcher Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 4: Classic launcher Apk

Easy to use, stylish and offering higher performance, Classic Launcher 2019.
A new clean and perfect user interface design that allows users to experience easier and better interactive control. It provides more beautiful and useful features, as well as various brand new icons that enhance your phone with various styles. Classic Launcher 2019 provides you with our various types of settings to personalize very efficiently and quickly. We provide over 10 dominant, more silent, fancy mixing of warm and cooler colors for an elegant look for your phone.

Classic Launcher 2019 is an Android launcher highly customizable, fast and easy to use. This app gives you a variety of customization features to change your entire look on your Android phone. For better experience, say goodbye to the old launchers and adopt a brand new 2019 Classic Launcher. You can customize the screen by pressing icons for a long time, which will change the icon app. It makes it easier for you to access all apps by simply clicking on the center apps button where you can get full app information and uninstall the app. Classic Launcher 2019 provides on your screen more weather and music player.

Classic launcher Apk Features

  • You can customize icons by long press on it.
  • View all apps installed in mobile by just one click.
  • Many Color available for customizing background color.
  • Smooth and clean UI.
  • Easy to set background color or wallpaper of your choice.
  • Uninstall app by just long press on app in app list.
  • Visbile and invisible status bar
  • Change font style

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Download Classic launcher Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 5: Ceri Launcher Apk

Unlike the standard ones on Android, Ceri Launcher is a launcher because it has a pretty design where the app icons have a lot of protagonism. A minimalist launcher that gives your Android device simplicity. Ceri Launcher’s interface is what attracts attention when you first start it. With all the installed apps on the main screen, this tool has the traditional apps box. All your apps appear in a symmetrical layout in pretty circles and you can access them by swiping on the screen.

All apps are crowned by an analog clock and you can access the setup options from there. You can choose the dark mode for OLED screens, different wallpapers, if you prefer 3 or 4 apps in a row. It’s not the launcher with the world’s most options, but it’s sufficient to offer a personalized experience. Ceri Launcher is a great launcher for people on their Android who want something different. There are no ads of any kind to this elegant and lightweight launcher.

Ceri Launcher Apk Features

  • Ceri Launcher cuts off the clutter and organizes everything to make sense for you
  • The internet access permission is omitted intentionally, ensuring that the launcher does not share personal data
  • Minimalistic design
  • Choose to show all of your apps or just your favorites
  • Display your apps in a grid, honeycomb or tray layout
  • Customisable icon size and padding
  • Super quick app search with web support
  • Beautiful customisable clock widgets baked into the launcher for minimal resource consumption

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Download Ceri Launcher Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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