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The game is just like combo shooting where you shoot the same enemies again and again as they’re flying through the sky and the slow-mo mechanic really helps nail those combos. It’s hard to put to words how fun flying across the level is when you can change directions at will, all the while slowing down time so you can nail your shots. The plot of Drag’n’Boom Apk is pretty simple you have to fly across a level and reach a chest of gold. Killing all the enemies gives you of three stars while gathering all the coins and not taking any damage gives you the other two stars. The levels have a medieval aesthetic to them, so you’ll be flying over castles and bridges.

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This is such an amazing and addictive game which is very humble and slightly to play but full of fun in their depth. Drag’n’Boom Apk offers you unique mobile gaming experience. The left side of the screen controls your movement you can jump, fly, and charge your prey while the right side lets you spit fireballs pillage, burn, ransack and all in style. The game controls with slingshot mechanics is an iconic one for flying and one for shooting each controlled by a finger on each side of the screen. The controls are very responsive and really allow you to pull off fun maneuvers and get your dragon into tight spaces while still shooting accurately. I had a really fun time flying around the levels and shooting either from way up high or from very low altitudes, sometimes switching tactics for strategic reasons and other times just having a blast taking down enemies in different ways.

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Drag’n’Boom Apk Game Features

When you can play shooting game on your device you feel and see that those games are filled with different types of styles and features that make him very unique same like this game is also found some unique features under their belt here in the following I can write some key features for your information.

  • You can feel that you were diving into an imaginary medieval universe full of heroes, echoing the greatest arcade and platform games of all time.
  • The more gold you hoard, the more powerful you become its means you can not wait for long it is like the rain of gold.
  • The user can hoard gold and unlock new powers launch against your enemies into the air and perform a series of combos, moves, with full explosive routines.
  • Drag’n’Boom Apk is so addictive and fun good job creator’s. With good graphics, good gameplay, wonderful controls. It is said to be best time passing game.

In the last final wording I said that you can make a lot of fun during playing this game and get a lot enjoyment with your device it is said to be best time passing game.

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