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The Latium Freelancing Website is a cryptocurrency-based freelancing platform where users may either provide or buy services. This site will be known as Fiverr 2.0 because it is slightly better than Fiverr, in that it offers all of the services of a freelancer platform plus more. You can also earn more money than if you worked as a freelancer the traditional manner. You can also earn more money than if you worked as a freelancer the traditional manner. This site also allows freelancing projects and portfolios to be shown. The most common method of determining the qualities of freelancers is through his review. The higher the review, the better the freelancer; however, the Latium Freelancing Website allows a freelancer to submit an infinite portfolio, which increases the freelancer’s trustworthiness. The Latium Freelancing Website is a website where customers may order services and pay for them with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin.

The Different Kinds Of Services Available On Latium

This platform has a wide range of services to provide. Graphic design, programming, and a variety of other skills are also available. The Latium Freelancing Website is unique in that it offers a freelancer plan for its freelancers, which typically ranges from free to a subscription basis. On this platform, freelancers can choose from three different programmes. This was a bit of a roadblock for me, especially because Fiverr doesn’t have a freelancing plan. There are three distinct types.

1. Free For Starter
2. Verified For Confidence
3. Latium Pro For Freelancer

Free For Starter

This is usually the first step in this platform, more akin to the novice stage, and there are no fees to join at this stage.


  • There is a limit of one listing per person.
  • You can only apply for unverified projects; you must be verified for verified projects.
  • Fees for projects The Latium platform accepts a variety of payment methods and charges a fee for each one.
  • Your fees will be 20% for projects paid in USD, 15% for Crypto, and 10% for any project paid in WORK if you have a Latium Free account. The website incentivizes users to deposit cryptocurrencies rather than US dollars.
  • Easily add an unlimited number of freelancer work portfolios to your Latium profile.

Verified For Confidence

This is the second stage of the freelancer plan; there is a one-time cost of $12 in this stage. One incentive to use Latium is the verification process, which may appear cumbersome at first, but Latium has added face verification for freelancers on the platform.
Both employers and freelancers benefit from this.

The employer has confidence that they are ordering services from a freelancer who has gone through the Latium verification process, and the freelancer has faith in the platform since it promotes trust and credibility, which leads to more work and more money. The Latium Platform’s Face ID Verification technology is a game-changing feature. To verify that a user is indeed a person, Latium Face ID requires users to finish a short video via webcam or mobile device. Users can only verify one account and are associated to that account using facial recognition technology.


  • There is a $12 one-time cost.
  • You can apply for a project that has been verified.
  • There is a limit of three service listings per person.
  • Your avatar will be given a validated badge, which denotes the employer’s credibility and trustworthiness.
  • Lower project fees as low as 5% project fees will be 15% for projects paid in USD, 10% for projects paid in Crypto, and 5% for any project paid in WORK (a type of cryptocurrency utilised on the platform).
  • Add an infinite number of freelancers to your portfolio.

Latium Pro For Freelancer

This is normally the last stage in this platform, and in my opinion, it is the best stage. You pay a monthly cost of $9 click here for a 20% discount Latium pro is the finest option for freelancers because it displays the pro emblem next to your name. Consider displaying this professional badge in your section or on your services pages. This instantly lends you reputation and worth to any business wanting to fill a position.


  • A pro badge can be shown on your avatar.
  • You can list as many services as you want, and the $12 verification service becomes free.
  • Fees for projects might be as low as 0%. Your fees with Latium Pro will be 10% for projects paid in USD, 5% for projects paid in Crypto, and 0% for projects funded in WORK.
  • Take advantage of a freelancer position. As a registered pro, your gig will appear at the top of the page, increasing your chances of being hired.
  • Priority placement when bidding: when pro users bid on a project, they get the greatest exposure, which increases their chances of being recruited.

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