Top 3 amazing android apps NOT AVAILABLE ON playstore (OCTOBER) 2019

No 1: Movie Fire Apk

Moviefire App Free Download Apk-If you’re looking for Android’s usually advantageous and top movie applications in 2019 then you’re in the right place. Today I’m going to disclose to you some of the best Android applications that will give you all of the movie pictures recordings and best catch recordings minutes you’d like. Nonetheless, they feel very confused because of illegal sites and applications. So here we’re going to use the lawful application of Toffu movie.

The main feature of the app is that it is absolutely free to pay on a monthly basis you don’t need any subscription. All Netflix content and other streaming platform material are available free of charge and it also allows you to access the download button using the direct download link. Enjoy all of your favorite movies and shows with full audio clarity without any charges in Full-HD quality. The software updates its content on a daily basis and adds new content and news on a daily basis. The fastest server is available without buffering or slow downloading to display the video.

Movie Fire Apk Features

  • The app gives you all the film pictures you want
  • Each of the pictures can be viewed in different dialects. So if you’re not lucky enough to upload Hindi film pictures you’ll find here.
  • There are so many highlights in this application that you can appreciate.
  • These huge number of film classifications just click on the class and it gives you shrewd pictures of Sorted movies.
  • The app looks really good

Download App Apk

Download Movie Fire Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 2: TapTap Apk

In many ways, Asia has a different pace than the West, and video games are one of them. If you want to find out what keeps them entertained in that part of the world, try downloading TapTap Games, an Android game store where you will find the most popular games in that region.

Clearly you’ll come across games like PUBG, now a global success, but you’ll also have access to a wide range of platform, action, puzzle and role-playing games, just to mention a few types you’d probably never heard of. And you’re going to do that with an app that serves as an alternative app store to Google Play and from which you can access the games ‘ APKs, enabling the user to install and upgrade them.

TapTap Apk Features

These are the main features and functions of Android games in this app store:

  • Discover types of games.
  • Test the ratings and see which titles are the most trendy.
  • Install the picks from the publisher.
  • Manage your games from your user area downloaded.
  • Manage the application’s updating of all your downloads.
  • Read other users ‘ views.
  • To find anything you’re searching for, use the built-in search engine.

Download App Apk

Download TapTap Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 3: Paytm Spoof Apk

Spoof Payatm software apk is original and unchanged, no viruses or malware, no extra costs. If there are any installation issues, please let us know if this software is enabled. Essentially, this app is an original Paytm imitation technology. Sadly, I couldn’t find the developer’s name, so all credit goes to the person who developed it.

This is a sort of prank software that mimics the actual Paytm App, India’s top online banking, transaction, payment, and shopping app. It’s a multi-tasking platform that enables users to pay bills, renew, shop online, and also earn a lot of money. Download Apk But the software from this article that you are going to download is a fake version of the original. The reason this program was released is just to have some fun.

Paytm Spoof Apk Features

Even though it still has features that are very small, they can give you a lot of fun. So, I’ve shared the Application’s main and essential features here in this section.

  • You can download it free of charge and use it.
  • You don’t have to invest any money to make pages or claims of money transfer.
  • With your real account information, there is no need to log on it.
  • It enables you to build a counterfeit account.
  • It has a very simple interface that is user-friendly.

Download App Apk

Download Paytm Spoof Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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