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Top 5 Powerful Hidden Apps (DECEMBER) 2019

No 1: AlarmMon Apk

AlarmMon is a fun alarm application that allows you to start right from the start every day. You will need to complete a small mini game to turn off the alarm, which will not only cause you to be wide awake, but may also make you smile. The first thing that will catch your eye about AlarmMon is its beautiful design, with very friendly-looking cartoon characters that ring the alarm when it’s time. You can choose from over half a dozen different characters to get you to play multiple mini games to shut off the alarm. The application also maintains a complete record of how many times you successfully shut off the alarm, as well as how many times you fail since you missed the mini game. In addition to this information, AlarmMon is a very detailed alarm application that allows you to set all the normal alarm parameters you might want: the days it cycles, the frequency of the alarm, whether there is vibration, and so on. In short, AlarmMon is an excellent alarm application which is not only pleasing to the eye, but loaded with many features as well. If you’re looking for a way to start the day off right, AlarmMon might be helpful.

AlarmMon Apk Features

  • It’s not just a wake-up call. It’s a special and must-have warning device!
  • Noisy alarm, quiet alarm, game alarm, video alarm, voice alarm, alarm band idol … We’ve got all of them here!
  • Even if you fall asleep early, it will go away until the battery runs out! Must-have the morning alarm app!
  • Imagine waking you up every morning with your favorite kpop star!
  • Including Tiny Farm and Adventure Time, various character alarms!
  • When you make the noodles? If you need to have a timer! Precise warning app
  • Weather broadcast warning that helps you to know the weather of today.
  • Document the history of the alarm to keep track of waking time and sleeping patterns
  • For the following reasons, AlarmMon requests access. In other situations, without permission, it will not collect your information.

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No 2: Zoomquilt Apk

As your Live Wallpaper, hypnotizing endlessly zooming illusion art. For believe it, you have to see it yourself. It seems unlikely, but the artwork manages to zoom in and out, showing worlds inside worlds. As a live wallpaper, the iconic zoom illusions are now available. The classics Zoomquilt 1 + 2 (free) and the enchanting floral Arkadia (add on) to decorate your phone and tablet are included. Try it out and download the app. Ad free of charge!

Zoomquilt Apk Features

  • Three different worlds with amazing zoom artwork
  • Smooth zoom rendering engine OpenGL
  • Command of speed and direction
  • Psychedelic alternative for color effect

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No 3: Shortcut Creator Apk

This program enables you to create shortcuts for local files and folders, programs, settings, contacts, messages, and you can even customize shortcuts from other apps. You can provide your own shortcut title and use a variety of features to customize the shortcut icon: use the corresponding application icon, export crop image from external gallery, import file icons, use external theme icon. You can also arrange shortcuts in the database of collections using various methods such as hierarchy or tags. You may later use the Collections dialogs to reach the ordered shortcuts easily.

Shortcut Creator Apk Features

  • Local files, directories, programs, settings, contacts and messages shortcuts can be developed.
  • Using additional free part to build shortcuts for some settings on the switcher and composite switch mode.
  • The ability to re-use History shortcuts already created and to incorporate shortcuts from other applications.
  • Organize all of your shortcuts with the ability to export / import selected shortcuts in the Collections folder.
  • For each type of shortcut, the program will automatically set up tags; it can also add the device category with apps; the user can easily add any other custom tags.
  • To create a new icon from the selected image, pick images from different Android galleries and a rich crop feature.
  • Parse themes for some common launchers and make it possible to use their icons and wallpapers (Pro mode required).
  • App does not have in-house storage and sdcard write access and only operates in its private area.
  • Import shortcuts (but import is free) from the set database.

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No 4: Apk Share Bluetooth App

Apk Share Bluetooth is a sharing, uninstall, backup, and handle system manager. If you want your enabled apps to be shared with your friend’s android phone on your android phone, you’ll need Apk Share Bluetooth to share Apk. Bluetooth is a very common wireless technology used to transfer files and connect to other devices that are allowed by Bluetooth. Apk Share Bluetooth also has a wide range of applications and now there are many devices on the market that can be connected to your mobile phone or tablet through Apk Share Bluetooth. Such tools include speakers from Bluetooth, headphones from Bluetooth, keyboard from Bluetooth etc.

Apk Share Bluetooth App Features

  • Multiple Apk Sharing-Bluetooth, Gmail, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc.
  • Uninstall multiple apps-Easy to uninstall multiple apps in one click faster. Rapid uninstaller of apk.
  • Multiple Device Backup-one click to save multiple apk to SD card.
  • Auto Apk Refresher-Refresh App list for new installation or deinstallation
  • Fast Search-Easily search by name for your query
  • App Informer-Shows selected and the number and size of all applications depending on the search filter
  • Used permissions-App shows used permissions
  • Display applications for the program
  • Simple Animations

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No 5: SplitCloud Double Music Apk

SplitCloud is the only music player streaming that allows you to share your headphones and listen to two songs at once! This app is for you if you’ve ever had to share headphones with a friend or partner! Play all music from SoundCloud ® plus all songs saved in the Music Library of your computer. You can listen to your favorite songs on a plane or on the underground with the Offline listening feature.

SplitCloud Double Music Apk Features

  • Find every SoundCloud song or user profile
  • Check and listen to your phone’s songs and albums
  • Listen to thousands of online radio stations across the globe
  • Offline Mode to continue listening to your music saved without a data connection
  • Press and hold a motion to predict every song
  • Explore popular charts and patterns and learn more about music
  • If you don’t need to share, use SplitCloud as a regular music player
  • Save the playlist you want to your SoundCloud account
  • For every mood, browse a range of popular playlists.

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