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Top 5 SECRET HIDDEN apps for Android 2019

No 1: Edit Website Apk

Edit Website Apk places high on the list of 2019’s most popular android apps. An application that offers you an easy way to make improvements to your website in terms of how easy we interpret it in terms of loading the website and then pressing the button on the toolbar of the application. The button changes color to gold after that to show that you can now start editing the web page text. Website editing Apk is an application that enables you to edit any website’s text in real time. The website’s content is also edited and updated by this app. You can also use this powerful, awesome app to edit content such as posts, headlines, and paragraphs in webpages.

Edit Website Apk Features

Like every application, they either have a position with any class or design, their own highlights and properties are discovered, which can make this application well known as helpful and fascinating. Like all applications, this Edit Website Apk also has extremely hard-coded and interesting types of highlights added to its repertoire that make it exceptionally compelling to follow in a type of focus reading it.

  • By using the Edit Website Apk, you can change the website content that is not done before, or without using this app, we said it was not very easy.
  • Using this feature when you are a blogger or write an article or edit material on your website such as paragraphs, articles, headlines, etc.
  • Useful for those who are closely linked to their pages that have been regularly updated and need the daily bases updates.
  • This software will only work on the web pages ‘ text content; it won’t let you change anything else.

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No 2: Oops! AppLock Apk

Oops AppLock is a security application that allows you to use your volume keys to lock and unlock apps using a pattern script. It is useful for those who may want to keep children and others out of personal apps and adds a layer of protection to your devices. It’s currently free with no purchases of devices in the Google Play Store.

This is a smart software. It appears as K Note in your app drawer and functions as a quick note-taking device when you open it. Nevertheless, to circumvent the charade and get to the actual security app, you can set a password using your volume keys (the default is to press the volume up key three times). You can handle from there which apps are locked and which apps are not locked. A key unlock that consists of up to four entries and uses the volume keys exclusively can be assigned to each phone. You can therefore lock your gallery app with volume down, up, down, up, and then lock up, up, down, and up with your messaging app.

For add to the trickery, if you choose to do so, you can open apps to a fake splash screen. It gives the phone a “stuck” look when it’s just waiting for you to unlock it. Therefore, people who try to pry might assume that the phone just froze on them and avoid trying to crack a code they don’t know is there. If you want, you can configure the splash screen to mess with people to other stuff.

Oops! AppLock Apk Features

  • Oops Applock is completely unseen.
  • ScreenLock is the best screenlock for Oops Applock.
  • No one can unlock your phone using Oops Applock ScreenLock.
  • No one even knows that the phone is locked using Oops Applock ScreenLock.
  • Oops ScreenLock Applock has various styles to choose from.
  • Oops Applock is the easiest way to lock applications.
  • No one even notices that your Oops Applock app is locked.

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No 3: TalkFaster Apk

For all messaging apps that allow file sharing, Talk Faster App quickly accelerates audio messages. Listen to the voice messages faster to get the optimal talking rate. Use the faster listen feature to easily listen to sluggish and time-consuming voice messages. Enjoy max speed voice messages and controllable audio velocity. Faster talk software for all voice messages allows speed up listening.

If you know that talc Foster is used for WhatsApp voice communication to listen to it more quickly than the original condition for use, you should have to open the conversation and then click on any voice message for a long time, then click on the Share button and pick all the Faster APK conversation.

TalkFaster Apk Features

  • Listen to 6 different speeds of voice messages.
  • By notifying the recipient, listen to voice messages-no more blue ticks!
  • Use any instant messaging device that facilitates sharing of data.
  • Save time by speeding voice messages

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No 4: Rembo Apk

Rembo is a Ninja Reminder whose main purpose is to keep things in mind and help people stay on top of their tasks. His sharp mind, unyielding discipline and rigorous training have transformed him into an elite ninja that never forgets, the one that knows and recalls. He’s a trainer, he’s a friend, and he’s here to help you better plan your day to do it!

You can keep organized and set alarms, reminders, medication and even workout alerts with just a quick chat message. Rembo is a virtual AI assistant that is an alarm and alert to – do reminder that will call you directly at the appointed time so that you too can become a ninja worker and never miss something. He’s also very witty and always willing to share jokes and inspirational quotes.

Rembo Apk Features

  • Set up an alarm and call you on time to wake up
  • Set up your daily reminders
  • Organize your list of activities to organize your calendar
  • Helps you stay fit by motivating you to drink water and work out on time
  • Note the relevant anniversaries
  • Make sure your important meetings and calls are not missed
  • Helps you to store and use medicinal products on time
  • Hardly tries to hold tasks in order to remember a call
  • Tell you jokes and quotations for inspiration to keep you happy

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No 5: Knock lock screen Apk

This Knock lock screen Apk is a totally unique software that provides security for your phone and keeps your device safe from unauthorized users. Here’s Knock lock screen Apk. The creative Lock Screen that will disconcert intruders! Knock lock screen Apk-The new way to lock devices is Applock. All you need to do is tap on the monitor to Knock Knock and unlock your phone. MAGIC! Nobody can guess what you’ve done to unlock your lock screen because it’s completely INVISIBLE.

To lock your phone screen, create a Time Password on knock. In a square pattern, there are four knocks. To protect your mobile screen, you can establish any pattern of 4 knocks. All you need to do is tap the lockscreen’s Knock lock screen Apk and unlock your phone. MAGIC! The INVISIBLE Pattern Lock is a groundbreaking technology that will unlock your phone without exposing your Password.

Knock lock screen Apk Features

  • Prevention of unauthorized access
  • Each minute change the invisible path to Unlock Pattern / lock.
  • Helps prevent unwanted phone calls.
  • Prevents the use of your phone by others.
  • Amazingly rich graphics.
  • Simple and clean machine, consume less memory and power.
  • Safe and secure at 100%
  • The two formats were supported for 12 hours and 24 hours
  • Choose to set the screen knock position.

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