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5 Amazing Android Apps 2019

No 1: Translate On Screen Apk

Translate On Screen (Screen Translate) translates text right on the screen, Translate anytime, anywhere, even when you are surfing the web, playing games -> Support more than 100 languages. Now on Tap, which can translate those languages to and from your native language, any mobile app or monitor on your Android device is now enabled, Google said in a blog post published Wednesday. The feature offers the translation of the text into your native language on web pages written in foreign languages. Simply hold down the Home button and press the “Translate this message” card in browsers and other devices, and the text will be translated.

Translate On Screen Apk Features

  • Translate to other software
  • Translate text on the screen of the phone
  • Translate the screen for the player
  • Detecting and translating copied text
  • Enable the translated text to be copied
  • Bubble Translation on the monitor
  • On the computer, search and translate text
  • Recognize on-screen text
  • On the monitor, OCR text scanner

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Download Translate On Screen Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 2: UbikiTouch App Apk

Through swiping the edges of your screen, UbikiTouch helps you to customize all your applications. You will describe your own acts for each of your favorite apps! All applications must be improved. For each screen of your favorite applications, you can identify an action: press a button, pick an object, swipe, etc. Much better, in order to perform more complex tasks, you can sequence actions. UbikiTouch is now completely translated into English, French, Russian, Chinese and Ukrainian. There is an incomplete and perfectible translation in German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish and Portuguese. When you uninstalled UbikiTouch and failed to restore the navigation bar before, this ADB command can always be executed:
adb shell wm overscreen 0,0,0,0

UbikiTouch App Apk Features

  • Use the gesture to switch between your applications or within them
  • Automate and begin repetitive tasks with a simple display slide
  • Choose from three beautiful visual effects, a classic menu of pie or fluid effects
  • Swipe the top of the LEFT – RIGHT-BOTTOM to take action.
  • Custom place, size, trigger colors
  • Up to 18 different actions can be accessed with one click
  • Choose from three different designs: pie, curve, wave and tailor them to meet your needs
  • Possibility to specify tasks for an infinite number of applications (free version restricted to two)

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No 3: QuinSta Apk

If your second home is Instagram, then QuinSta is all you need. QuinSta has all the resources you need to make your Instagram profile look fantastic. It is very difficult to manage various Instagram hashtags, captions, profiles, fonts and grids apps*. And we know that you also have a lot of other works!!! That’s why we came up with an idea of just one app with all of your favorite services.

QuinSta Apk Features

  • Instagram Hashtags: Get the hashtags that differ from other Instagram posts on your photo or video. QuinSta offers Instagram (Insta Tags) trending hashtags to highlight your post among other popular posts.
  • Instagram Captions: Instagram captions defining your Instagram photograph or video. Love, attitude, family, feeling, art, style, travel, food, sports, etc. Instagram photo captions on QuinSta.
  • Insta Stories Captions: A new series of Instagram Stories Captions. If you’re going to add a story to your insta profile, first check out the QuinSta app to find a correct caption.
  • Insta Bios: Customize your Instagram Bio with QuinSta app’s best bios available. For Instagram, we regularly update these bios so you can find the best one for your Insta profile.
  • Stylish fonts: Do you need cool fonts or Instagram profiles or posts decorated for your chats? Okay, QuinSta has to choose from hundreds of fonts. Just type the text you want and press the copy button!
  • Grids: Instagram’s trendiest device is Grids. QuinSta has the grids that suit your needs. Add a photo and create a grid for it and synchronize these photos into your Insta profile.
  • Tools features: All features have features for editing, saving, copying and sharing to allow you to easily export anything you’ve edited or loved in the QuinSta app.

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Download QuinSta Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 4: Skip Ads Apk

We offer an easy way to get rid of the irritating YouTube ads. For phones such as Xiaomi… To avoid this application from being removed, the Latest Applications request should not be deleted. Please provide us with some feedback that we will review and correct as soon as possible if you have any issues while using the application.

Skip Ads Apk Features

  • To skip YouTube ads, auto press Skip Ads.
  • Count Youtube was watching the moment.
  • Clock to save the video from YouTube

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Download Skip Ads Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 5: Boring Phone Launcher Apk

Remember the times when you were not addicted to using irritating devices in an addictive and purposeless manner? Even, remember when the phones were easy and you were coordinated and productive? Okay, with Boring Launcher, those days are gone. Through allowing you to use only 4 or 8 devices, this simple launcher allows you to save time and can phone usage and screen time. The time on your phone to procrastinate and waste time is almost over! Have more time to do the things you enjoy and probably couldn’t do because of your phone’s overuse and distractions.

Boring Phone Launcher Apk Features

  • Choose 4 or 8 apps that are actually useful and don’t distract you from your existing apps. To remain completely distraction-free, warnings from each of the apps on your phone can be activated / disabled.
  • Simply swipe right from the main screen and track statics for use with the app easily. Which will help you find out how long you use your devices and most of the software you use.
  • Sure, you can use our built-in task and memo maker now when the clutter is gone so you can organize your days even better. Note that you now have a large screen free of widgets and applications! It is a creator of tasks and a basic launcher in 1.
  • Our minimalist launcher helps you to monitor the appearance of the colors and the app. Select background color, highlight color, font size, and build your own minimal launcher look. In our clean app, you can also customize the clock!
  • Open other programs by clicking in the system manager on the program icon. Access is limited to 5 times in 24 hours as our launcher provides a productive user experience to free distraction from your phone.
  • If you’re distracted by your phone and can’t concentrate on your research, this app is extremely helpful for students. Set this as your default launcher and indulge with no distractions in your studies.

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Download Boring Phone Launcher Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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