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5 Best launchers for android 2019 | Amazing Launchers 2019

No 1: Siempo Launcher Apk

Siempo turns any smartphone into a digital experience that is more intentional and less distracting. Batch alerts, relax your home screen, interrupt apps and more to prevent subconscious use and live a life of deeper concentration, presence and human connection.

Inspired and endorsed by Tristan Harris and The Center for Humane Technology, Siempo is both the protective gear necessary to navigate our digital world that catches our attention, and the friendly coach to help build better tech habits.

Siempo Launcher Apk Features

  • Through gentle nudges which disclose the amount of time spent in the device and give healthy screen time uses, Siempo will help you reduce the app’s overuse.
  • Siempo replaces a calmer, less disruptive interface for the stock Android home screen. More a zen garden than a square in the Times. Use a relaxed picture to customize.
  • You will customize a message every time you unlock your mobile from the home screen.
  • Tiered menu system takes you closer to your devices and preferences, and further away from your annoying phones.
  • Unbranded and gray app icons stop you from sidetracking and generating cognitive load on your phone’s way in / out.
  • Get batched updates at set intervals. Half an hour, top of the hour, or like the mail once a day. Select specific apps that can disturb you.
  • Randomize the annoying devices position to prevent opening and using unconscious.

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No 2: Super S9 Launcher Apk

S9 Launcher is a launcher in the Galaxy S9/S10 theme, providing you with the new Galaxy S8/S9/S10 launcher experience.

Super S9 Launcher Apk Features

  • Include the Galaxy S10/S9/S8 launcher theme, including all app icons in the Galaxy S9 style
  • Galaxy launcher style S10/vS9/S8 cabinet, you can choose either horizontal or vertical type
  • Some cool launcher themes in the theme store; Galaxy S9 launcher also supports nearly all launcher icon packages from third parties
  • Installation of useful tools: booster, cleaner, torch, battery saver, etc.
  • Various movements help action, allow launcher to be controlled conveniently
  • Hide the phone from the launcher and lock it easily
  • Highly customizable launcher: the grid size, icon size, color, font etc. can be modified
  • Fast location / finding of all device drawers in the launcher
  • Support for automated grouping of applications to open desktop folders

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Download Super S9 Launcher file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 3: Super P Launcher Apk

Super P Launcher is a good and highly customizable Android P 9.0 launch system, Android is a registered trademark of Google, Inc. with many apps, themes and icon packs. Super P Launcher is not an approved launcher for Android 9.0 P. Rate and leave comments for Super P Launcher, thanks to all our users like you, to make it better and better.

Super P Launcher Apk Features

  • Super P Launcher features P themes and packs of icons
  • Super P Launcher supports most of the icon packages in the play store
  • Super P Launcher has a vertical drawer in P 9.0 fashion, and all apps will be shown
  • Super P Launcher has an app directory of P 9.0 type
  • Some fun themes for the launcher in our store
  • Disable the device to disable unused apps or software
  • To protect your privacy, apply the lock
  • Change the size of the app icon, grid launcher, tag icon, etc.
  • Dock background option; multi-dock scrolling pages

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Download Super P Launcher file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 4: GCA Launcher Apk

GCA is a new lite weight launcher based on Material Component Design, very low, battery-friendly, hardware-friendly and user-friendly, but we’re not cutting you off from good things. The design was inspired by the desktop of Pixel Launcher and Chromium OS, but does not deliver the functionality of the conventional android launcher. With a new experience, we wanted to enter the next generation of Android, and that was our approach.

Built on the idea of running this launcher on low-income devices such as Android Go apps. It serves a purpose and that is the purpose we will continue to serve. It runs on a variety of devices, offering rich features that can be supported by the OS and managed by the hardware.

GCA Launcher Apk Features

  • Configuration of a single screen (no grid, one widget).
  • A multi-purpose application customizable App Drawer.
  • Apps with device shortcuts and app shortcuts are included in the App Drawer and allow users to blacklist apps.
  • To help organize devices in a better fassion, App Drawer supports a secondary “Job” section.
  • In a vertical menu of the app window, App Shortcuts generate a list of selectable app shortcuts.
  • Easy to use personalization of the launcher
  • As the default wallpaper provider, Launcher uses my wallpaper software, Drywall. If it is not mounted, the consumer will be selected to fallback.
  • Badges with confirmation or echo. Clicking the button would deny it. When enabled by OEM, is not allowed on Android Go.

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No 5: Mi X Launcher Apk

Mi X Launcher is inspired by MI 10 Launcher, which adds a lot of useful features like all app drawers, gestures, hide apps, fast ball gestures, etc.; Mi X Launcher makes your mobile look like the new cool Mi 10 phone. Only try Mi X Launcher, you’re going to love it!

This app uses accessibility services. “Full Screen Display and Fast Ball gestures functionality uses accessibility services to make it easier for users of any ability to use the phone. By default, these apps are disabled and you will be asked to allow accessibility with very clear explanation before you can activate them.

Mi X Launcher Apk Features

  • It has over 1000 + cool themes and Mi 10 theme built-in, AndroidTM P theme, Round icon theme
  • Icon Pack, it supports the bulk of the Google Play Store icon pack
  • It has Apps Drawer, and you can choose either vertical or horizontal mode
  • On all Android 5.0 + phones, Mi X Launcher will run smoothly
  • Hide unused or personal programs and lock secret devices
  • Mi X Launcher supports gestures like swipe down / up, pinch in / out, double click, swipe down / up two fingers
  • Management ball (quick ball) feature, you can trigger it in Launcher Setup, it is more convenient to operate one-handed
  • Management feature: click all device drawers and swipe back to the screen.
  • Full screen gesture: pull left or right from the edge of the screen back; pull up from the bottom of the screen to the home screen; pull up from the bottom of the screen and pause.

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