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5 Must Have Android Apps Not Available on PlayStore 2020

No 1: Gravity Scroll Apk

Tired of scrolling your thumb through papers, web pages, books and menus? Gravity Scroll lets you scroll your screen content by simply tilting your camera. This works in any application which has scrollable content. Wherever you’ve used your fingers to navigate, Gravity Navigate can now scroll to you! Gravity Scroll helps you to scroll down by tilting the telephone forward and scrolling back by doing the same. You can control the speed of scrolling by tilting further forward or backwards during scrolling. Gravity Scroll also supports horizontal scrolling-turn a page into your favorite reader app by tilting the screen to either the left or the right (Pro version). USAGE: Keep the handset for a few seconds at a steady angle (as you would when you read something on the computer of course). Then, turn the handset forward slightly. The contents should start scrolling down on the screen. To save, bring back your phone to its former angle of tilt. Adjust the tilt angle during scrolling, to scroll faster or slower. Do the opposite, to scroll up.

Gravity Scroll Apk Features

  • Adjust how much tilt can cause scrolling
  • Select which applications to exclude scrolling / enable scrolling only for applications selected from a list
  • Turn on / off horizontal scrolling
  • Pick from a list for which apps are allowed to scroll horizontally
  • Pick the horizontal scrolling speed (the horizontal scrolling is done at a constant speed, perfect for a page-flipping swipe)
  • Pick how much tilt will cause horizontal scrolling

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Download Gravity Scroll Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 2: HD Streamz Apk

With HD Streamz you can stream your Android smartphone into TV channels and radio stations from different countries around the world. Various systems use the IPTV protocol to catch the television signal on the Internet and to deliver it on mobile devices or computers. And that’s precisely the protocol used by a HD Streamz likes app that offers us streaming radio and television from various countries around the world with over 600 channels and stations available. Hundreds of TV channels and radio stations can be accessed free on our smartphone. We can browse through its vast offering or explore it by categories and nations. There are outlets for the movies, sports channels, news, entertainment… Though, the software doesn’t include a built-in player, so we’ll need a media player, whether it’s the standard Android app or any other third-party innovations like VLC.

HD Streamz Apk Features

  • Nearly 600 radio and live TV outlets.
  • Items from various countries: the USA, Portugal, France, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka …
  • Different connections for each channel should they go down just in case.
  • Material Design-based user interface.
  • Quick service to customer.

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Download HD Streamz Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 3: AdSkip Apk

AdSkip for YouTube is an application that allows users to skip YouTube ads on Android by pressing the Skip button whenever ads appear on their phone. Imagine this: in bliss you’re going to YouTube because you’re finally going to watch the new video from Rosalía when suddenly a tampon ad hits you like a bucket of cold water. Oh yes, my mate, this happens, or did you think YouTube is there just because they like you to watch videos? You can prevent this First World problem, which is advertisements for YouTube before videos with AdSkip, an application that you can skip ads before any content on the website. AdSkip does not represent a complete adblocker. That is, commercials pop up as designed to do. The only thing is that now after 5 seconds, you’ll see a Skip Ad button; by clicking on it, you can skip ads and go straight to your video. When you feel like watching the latest on tampons or fast credits, all you have to do is trigger the playlist, and that’s it.

AdSkip Apk Features

  • To skip YouTube ads auto-click Skip Advertisements.
  • The time Count Twitch viewed.
  • YouTube Video Pause Timer

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Download AdSkip Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 4: Hackers Keylogger Apk

You can track your smartphone behavior by installing Hackers keylogger for Android. Record keystrokes from your camera, and take screenshots. Would you ever accidentally leave your mobile at home? Have you ever had to abandon your computer for another moment alone with other people? Figure out if someone is using your Android with Hackers Keylogger improperly. With this Android security and surveillance app, while you don’t have it with you, you can get to know the activity of your phone. The program tracks the actions taken on your device, records the screens and registers the keystrokes. You can even work out what technologies were used.

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Download Hackers Keylogger Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 5: Volume Scroll Apk

Volume Scroll at 75.4 KB helps you to scroll through pages using your Volume Rocker on almost any device. And yes, you’re reading the App title correctly, it does NOT require root permission. Once activated, use Volume Rocker to scroll a tiny bit of the content you want to scroll to. Pressing either of the volume keys will cause a paginated scrolling (jumps to new content, flips a page-however you may want to understand it.) This will feel very normal and immersive, especially when you want to consume a really long article on Google Chrome or endless update on Facebook, Instagram and many more applications.

Volume Scroll Apk Features

  • Automatic scrolling pages with on-screen buttons and Volume Rocker
  • Configure auto-scrolling time gap.
  • Power to move on-screen buttons
  • Configure how you want to behave like a Volume Rocker-Single press, long press, double press.
  • Blacklist / Whitelist Settings the Server should be running on.

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Download Volume Scroll Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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