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5 Powerful Android Apps 2019

No 1: Walkie Talkie Apk

If you’re looking for the market’s best walkie talkie with the longest range and the cheapest price, that’s it! This app turns your smartphone into a walkie talkie to enable you to communicate with your friends without having to buy walkie talkies. With this app, as if you had real walkie talkies, you can contact your friends and family. The first thing you need to do to use this app is to install it on all your smartphones. You can set the frequency you want to talk on once you’ve downloaded it, either talking to everyone at once or creating different groups. With the buttons in the center of the app, you can select your frequency.

You can communicate by pressing the button at the bottom once you have set your frequency. Tap and hold to send a message, then let go and listen to the response from your friend. Also, this app has an interface that looks like a traditional walkie talkie, and you can even change the color. Choose from a wide range of colors, then use your walkie talkie to get in touch with your friends. You need to keep the app open and make sure you’re on the same frequency to talk to your friends with this app. You will need to change the frequency manually if you want to reach someone else.

Walkie Talkie Apk Features

  • Wide-band receivers to listen to non-amateur radio bands, often including radio scanner functionality.
  • Multiple bands; while some operate only on specific bands such as 2 meters or 70 cm, others support the user’s availability of several UHF and VHF amateur allocations.
  • Since amateur allocations are not typically channelized, the user may dial in the licensed band at any frequency desired.
  • Several modulation schemes: a few amateur HTs can allow modulation modes other than FM, including AM, SSB, and CW[9][10 ], and digital modes such as radioteletype or PSK31. Some may have TNCs built in without additional hardware to support packet radio data transmission.

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Download Walkie Talkie Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 2: Volume Control Panel Free Apk

Volume Panel Free is an app that substitutes a fully customized one for the standard volume driver on your Android smartphone. Of course, this will also mean giving the device some essential rights, as it will have to run over any other app that is open at a given time. Once you activate Volume Panel Free, simply press the button to raise or lower your Android terminal’s volume. You can see your new custom volume control panel as soon as you do, which will display you the regular preset volume controls by default.

You can customize each and every aspect of your volume device from the Volume Panel Free options menu. Switch from mere aesthetic elements, such as the color of the volume bars and icons, to much more practical elements, such as bar locations (left or right) and more. For some programs, you can also build exemptions. Volume Panel Free is a good customization app that allows you to react exactly as you want to the volume control of our Android device.

Volume Control Panel Free Apk Features

  • A volume control panel inspired by Android 9/10.
  • Optional floating start trigger for Swipe Up / Down.
  • Optional floating start trigger for Swipe Up / Down.
  • Select the default answer button for Media or Ring.
  • Start broken down or extended.
  • Mode handed left or right.
  • The landscape faced left or right.
  • Cover the volume warning screen.
  • Slider & colors with a custom backdrop. (Pro Just)

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This collection of icons is amazing. I was hesitant to buy it (because I have no icon pack), but I have to say I love it after five minutes. Use it with Evie Launcher, and the look is all that dry. It’s cool if we get a discount for the BOLD ICON PACK Apk for buying it, but I think that is best for both of me. If you haven’t already, you would definitely recommend buying one! You get a refund always for 2 hours, so at least you shouldn’t give it a shot there is no excuse.

The icon collection of AWESOME! That’s the best icon collection I’ve ever been to! Looks elegant but not bland, with plenty of icons and modified. They look awesome and many common icons have few color variations so that your home screen can be customised to your needs.


  • 1485 + Icons of high performance
  • Wallpapers focused on internet.
  • Support for Dynamic Calendar.
  • Tool to ask for icon.
  • Updates daily.

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Download BOLD ICON PACK Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 4: Remove & Add Watermark Apk

You can remove or add watermarks to images and videos via this request. Use text and images with different options including animation of the watermark to add watermark to photos / videos. The selection of its area(lasso or rectangle selector) “can also suppress a watermark and the app can remove it by interpolating the surrounding pixels. This technique works almost perfectly with the watermark of alpha-blend, or you can cultivate the area outside of the watermarking zone.

Uses of Remove & Add Watermark Apk

  • You can pick photo and video as soon as you start the app
  • You are asked after choice if you want to delete or add the watermark
  • If you select the option REMOVE LOGO then you are required to screen the area of the logo by preview and an adjustable rectangle with actions (specifies more than one areas), in this screen you can also click the Custom Duration button to specify the duration for which the filter is used.
  • You can also customize each choice, such as changing font, text, color, width, or rotation by selecting ADD LOGO options, using options for adding text or images.
  • They can also be used as watermarks with prefabricated images or stored with your specified template, and later with a ‘ stored template ‘ option, these templates can be applied to a different image or video.
  • To complete and view or share the results, press the Save button.

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No 5: Mitto apk

Everybody is now trying to get more movement around their photos on Instagrams or Facebook or other social media. Today, people are getting socio-holic. With more likes and followers on Social Media you can also attract more buzz around your posts. You’d all have to go through this attractive user-friendly app & just have to copy the title. you’ll get a boost in likes and comment on your posts by giving the most appropriate CAPTIONS and HASHTAGES for your profile.

With different filters and categories that don’t have a shortage of the original and fresh caption for your post on social media. We also have a variety of post- and caption-related HASHTAGS that will have a better impact on your post.

Mitto apk Features

  • Simple and attractive interfaces
  • Friendly interface for users
  • Multiple Languages
  • Export – Post – Like 
  • Find biological filters by age
  • Use the attractive caption and cool Bio’s to get more hype around your profile.

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Download Mitto apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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