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No 1: JioSwitch Apk

JioSwitch is a simple application to use for data transfer. Supports the transfer of a wide variety of file types from one smartphone to another. Save time by restarting transfers of large files from where it stopped. Now preview images and videos before picking and submitting, by pressing long and button. Fresh home screen & card history transfers. In case of interruption of a big file transfer, you can resume where the file stopped from. No need to restart the file transfer. Works without internet and when you are downloading information, save on your data packet.

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No 2: Files by Google Apk

Have you ever been searching for a tool for organizing your smartphone files? No need to go any further. Google Files (also known as Files Go) is the official file management software created at Google for Android. Finally, without all the hassle, you can easily transfer all your files around on your mobile. Plus, it’s getting rid of any redundant files and obsolete old docs you don’t use. Google’s directories have two key tabs. You’ll get a quick view of all the directories that take up the most space on your phone from the first ‘Storage’ tab; as well as apps that you haven’t been using lately (within the last 30 days). This means it is easier than ever to free up space by removing old garbage. You will get an opportunity to explore each and every last folder and subfolder saved on your smartphone in the other ‘Data’ tab. From your Google Files settings screen, you’ll find a notification area where you can set up alerts that will let you know whenever you run low on space, or whenever there’s an app on your smartphone that hasn’t been used in a while. Google’s files often set up an warning when your folders get too large, taking up too much room.

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No 3: Send Anywhere Apk

Send Anywhere is a resource that can be downloaded from other devices to back up any sort of file you have on your computer. You can back up any form of file with Send Anywhere, from images and videos to other applications installed on your Android device. Just pick them and they’ll be transferred to the cloud within seconds. If the selected files are uploaded to the cloud, they can be exchanged in several different ways – the two easiest being with the app created QR code or with a special download code that you can send out. The best part of submitting files using those codes (One Time Key) is they will no longer be available until the codes are used. That means you will only be able to access the files to the person you sent the code to. Send Anywhere is a functional file backup software that provides a flexible way to transfer the said files to others.

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