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Best Futuristic Homescreen setup for android 2019

No 1: Nova Launcher Apk

Nova Launcher is a strong home screen replacement that can be personalized and customizable. Nova provides advanced features to boost your home screens, but is still a simple, user-friendly option for everyone. Whether you are searching for a cleaner, faster home launcher or want to completely overhaul your home screens, Nova is the solution.

Nova Launcher Apk Features

  • Nova provides all other phones with the latest Android launcher features.
  • Nova supports thousands of Play Store icon themes.
  • Automatically turn night mode on, or simply keep it on for a dark theme at a specific time.
  • Vertical or horizontal scrolls, screen effects, and options for cards or immersion are just some of the items that you can consider for the app drawer.
  • It’s easy to feel and lay out accurate using Nova in a way that’s not possible with most launchers thanks to the ability to snap icons and widges between grid cells.
  • Changing from phone to phone or trying new home screen configuration will be a breeze with the backup and restore features of Nova. For quick transition, safeguards can be stored on site or saved in the cloud.
  • Nova is very streamlined, with smooth and clever animations that get a fast and fluid feel for older cell phones.

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Download Nova Launcher Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 2: Linebit Icon Pack Apk

Experience a new discover with these lovely dimensional symbols, and light up the vibrant colours. Use it and take pleasure in exclusiveness. We still work to regularly update, be patient. Don’t qualify poorly, you should send us an email demanding a refund if you don’t like icons. Using dark wallpapers to emphasize the icon colors and therefore have a better visual experience.

Linebit Icon Pack Apk Features

  • Good icons 3300 +
  • Support for a lot of launchers
  • Updates regularly
  • 78 additional icons
  • Many icons have not been modified

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Download Linebit Icon Pack Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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ARIES COLORS is a packet of Kwgt’s 104 lovely widgets. The program is “continuously updated.” There are 65 wallpapers included. This is not an autonomous order. Kwgt Creator (free version) and Kwgt PRO KEY (paid version) applications are required by ARIES COLORS for Kwgt widgets.


  • For the Kwgt application, download the ARIES COLORS.
  • Lock down the home monitor and choose the widget
  • Pick Kwgt widget
  • Click the screen and choose the mounted ARIES COLORS for Kwgt.
  • Pick the widget you most like.
  • Different launch such as Nova Launcher

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Download ARIES COLORS KWGT Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 4: KWGT Odisea Apk

Another outstanding KWGT kit is the KWGT Odisea Apk. The pack contains over a hundred awesome widgets. Some widgets in the pack look awesome in gradient colours, combined with a nice wallpaper. In the Odisea KWGT box, there are almost every widget you might need. It is worth noteing, however, that these controls may not be the best way to create a minimalistic layout.

KWGT Odisea Apk Features

  • Keep and click the home screen and pick Widget
  • Choose the widget for KWGT
  • Click the button and pick KWGT-installed Odisea.
  • Choose your favorite widget.

Download App Apk

Download KWGT Odisea Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 5: Zooper Widget Pro Apk

Zooper Widget Pro is an Android utility application that MYCOLORSCREEN developed. This app is designed to help users add widgets to the main screen. This is a fantastic application that, due to many other useful features, not only improves the look of your phone but also enhances the user experience.

Zooper Widget Pro is a paid application product that the developer wants to target users who want to pay for advanced features. It has eliminated advertisements and added a lot of unique features that are not available for the free version. The current application has earned over 500,000 payments with a rating of 4.5 stars on the Play Store. User feedback is generally positive, which is enough for Zooper Widget Pro to see them happy.

Zooper Widget Pro Apk Features

  • The software is a battery-friendly widget that consumes little battery power.
  • It can be completely personalized. You can also change the time, date design, environment, and even the level of the battery.
  • Zooper Widget Pro helps you to save models to the memory of your phone or to an external storage device like a MicroSD card, etc.
  • You can reshape and modify the widget context according to your choice. If the current color is not appropriate, you can change the background color.
  • The position can also be personalized. You can change the location and find the perfect location for a Zooper widget to view.
  • It allows your templates to be generated. These models have no practical cap. You can create tons of controls and variables.
  • The design style, colour, text, shape and size of each template may be changed.
  • It displays battery information such as the rest of the time, the number, the current temperature, the voltage, etc.
  • The Zooper Widget Pro apk is also available for the world clock. In different regions of the world, you can check the current time.

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Download Zooper Widget Pro Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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