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top 5 amazing android apps – November 2019

No 1: 9GAG Apk

9GAG Apk has a user-friendly user interface and a user-friendly design. To make use of all the features that this meme app offers you, you must first sign up. You can sign up through multiple ways. You can either sign up with your Facebook or Gmail account or enter your email ID and create a new account on the web. Once you’ve signed up, you’d have the opportunity to comment and like other people’s content posted on the app. It would also allow you to upload your own photos, videos and gifts.

A wide range of amusing gifs, photos, memes, and videos are available on 9GAG Apk. The content is divided into different categories so you can easily see what you want to see through them. On this site, you’ll always get the newest trending memes. You can send a Upvote to any video, picture, meme or gif you like to show your support to the meme community. In addition, in the comment section you can also start a discussion about it with other members. This way you can find people from around the world and together you can enjoy the memes. This meme app is also a great social platform for like-minded people in this respect.

9GAG Apk Features

  • Interface for intuitive users
  • User-friendly interface and development
  • Wide range of funny gifs
  • Different funny memes are posted daily
  • Large library of pleasant pictures
  • Lots of fun clips for sharing
  • Available in different categories of videos, polls, photographs and gifs
  • Download and post on your favorite material
  • Share your content with other apps
  • Choice to post memes of your own

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Download 9GAG Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 2: Betta Fish Live Wallpaper FREE Apk

All live sea fish wallpapers are a great classic theme set. In order to toggle easily between classes, a traditional yet classic ui is used. We hope that it will make it easy to get to and download all the wallpapers you need and get a classic collection.

You have the opportunity to favor the hd background wallpapers that you like most along with users around the world, making your favorite hd wallpapers come up to the top. A wonderful live 3D wallpaper that immediately transforms your mobile screen into an incredibly beautiful, ultra-realistic, spiritual water pond.

Betta Fish Live Wallpaper FREE Apk Features

  • Betta fish Live wallpapers have wallpapers to browse and search
  • Wallpapers of high quality
  • Betta fish Live wallpapers have sorting options in categories
  • This application will display the background screen from the camera
  • All our wallpapers have been selected personally to allow you to customize your smartphone.
  • Exclusive and cool trending wallpapers and special features have been added all the time.
  • Wallpapers specifically designed to fit your home or lock screen with your iPhone
  • Browse categories with thousands of high-definition wallpapers supported by the retina.
  • Wallpaper with high resolution for standard and zoomed display modes

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Download Betta Fish Live Wallpaper FREE Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 3: Speaker Cleaner Apk

After dropping your phone or smartwatch in the water, was it wet? Speakers are sounding bad and muffled after water has stuck in them? There’s a quick and simple solution, don’t worry.

With the Speaker Cleaner app, in terms of seconds, you can clean and remove water from the speaker. This simple process of removing the speaker’s water is very easy to do and has a success rate of over 80%. Speaker Cleaner software uses predefined frequency sine wave sounds to eliminate the speaker’s air. Sound waves cause the speaker to vibrate and shake the inside water.

Speaker Cleaner Apk Features

  • Speaker Cleaner app has few built-in cleaning methods to help you with great success remove trapped water inside the speaker.
  • Auto cleaning mode is an automated process in which water is removed from the speaker. Your speaker will be fixed in 80 seconds with just one click of the button. There are also two auto cleaning modes, so if you don’t work, be sure to try them both.
  • You can manually select the exact sound frequency that works best for a given speaker. The frequency is changed with the slider.

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Download Speaker Cleaner Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 4: Anonymous Wallpapers & Backgrounds Apk

Discover hundreds of your Android device’s best HD Anonymous wallpapers in this software for lock screens and wallpapers. This application only has the best Anonymous wallpapers with different themes, designs and locations.

Customize your home screen with the best pictures in our database, make it more interesting for your Android device. This anonymous wallpaper is so sweet that you’ll love it right away! Every image is very realistic. Content surprised, loving the fantastic visual experience. That’s what other wallpaper applications can’t get.

Anonymous Wallpapers & Backgrounds Apk Features

  • Anonymous wallpaper offline, no need to connect to the Internet.
  • You can enjoy more than 300 anonymous backgrounds
  • Hundreds of HD quality anonymous wallpapers and the best 4k for wallpaper or lock screen
  • Easy to set as a wallpaper or a screen lock
  • You can share with friends or others easily

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Download Anonymous Wallpapers & Backgrounds Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 5: Material Notification Shade Apk

Bring the Android Oreo features to your notification center and add up a ton of customization to make your device stand out

Replacement for the notification panel of your inventory. Once you swipe down to reveal your alerts, the app uses gesture recognition to provide you with a customizable quick setup list.

Material Notification Shade Apk Features

  • Stock themes: themes focused on Nougat and Oreo.
  • Full color customization: take all the elements to your taste with the base format and paint.
  • Powerful notifications: receive them, read them, snooze or ignore them.
  • Rapid response: reply as soon as you see your messages. For all phones with Android 5.0 +.
  • Auto Bundled: Tired of the one app spamming your notifications? For easy control, they’re all grouped together now.

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Download Material Notification Shade Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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