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Top 5 Amazing Android launchers 2019

No 1: TSF Launcher 3D Shell Apk

TSF 3D Launcher Shell-a colorful launcher transforming your mobile device. The team has devoted all of its resources to create user-friendly controls to assist interact with your gadget to the user efficiently. The tool’s primary benefit is visual. Most 3D-made components, lots of animation impacts that accompany the user’s actions.

There are also about ten desktop layout choices and nearly infinite dock bar. And everything operates without using your smartphone or tablet’s too much memory and system resources. The application has plenty of widgets for all normal programs in addition to these benefits: weather, music, gallery, etc. They also produced style in three dimensions. You can set the preset gestures when folders or other apps are opened instantly.

Is it feasible to edit the style of the icon, but to add the required objects to the home screen through fast configurations. TSF Shell 3D Launcher-a excellent launcher for those who want to transform your gadget with a wealthy functionality and a lovely design.

TSF Launcher 3D Shell Apk Features

  • Fantastic transition impacts of animation. All activities are given with natural, glaring and butter-smooth animation transition impacts, including deletion, addition, menu display or disappearance.
  • Miraculous and efficient mode of changing home screen 3D and freewheeling design of home screen elements. Supported by more than 10 autonomous home screens design.
  • Unlimited bar of the dock. Ability to alter its position, duration and angle and to alter the size and status of icons and folders in the dock bar (hidden or shown). With wave-sliding mode, you can open the applications and folders in the dock bar.
  • Choosing a batch icon for home screens, folders and dock bar.
  • Exclusive widgets like Message, Clock, Weather, Memo, Music, Gallery etc. are over 10 TSF Launcher. All 3D widgets offer distinctive visual and operational experience.
  • For Android shortcuts, more than 9 gestures are endorsed, e.g. app launch, mobile call, sms, and TSF Launcher shortcuts, e.g. home screen switching, status bar hiding, TSF Launcher side bar hiding.
  • TSF Launcher Arch Shortcut Menu with special effects of animation and operational experience. Ability on any home screen to finish fast custom shortcut activities.
  • Pioneering tool to edit icons. Customization of the back picture icon, picture, style of the text tag, etc.
  • There are plenty of good free topics for third parties.
  • Funny and intuitive menu setting for TSF Launcher. The respective settings can be previewed immediately.

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No 2: Bubble Launcher free Apk

The developers of the “Bubble Launcher” app were influenced by the Apple Watch’s interface and general style, trying to introduce a comparable style with the Android operating system for portable gadgets. Stylish and lovely interface is not going to leave users indifferent. The program utilizes epic badges, comprehensive graphics of high quality and many interesting components.

The app “Bubble Launcher” significantly simplifies the work with mobile gadgets and apps installed on it. All the icons rendered on the screen arranged in a chaotic manner and look like bubbles. In addition, not only does each component have a distinct color and size. Using software product, switching between Windows and working with icons will be much easier, launching any product rapidly. A very easy mechanism design that is most tailored to a man’s fingers is an interesting characteristic of this scheme.

BubbleLauncher free Apk Features

  • Rapid opening of applications
  • Practical location to locate the required object rapidly
  • Elegant graphics of high quality
  • The list of installed apps takes the form of animated bubbles
  • The tool is specifically intended for the rapid launch of intelligent apps
  • Spread free of charge
  • Good optimization to use a utility like iPhone smartphones, economy and smartphones in large format

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No 3: Launcher iOS 13 Apk

Launcher iOS 13 is a launcher that gives you the same look as iOS 13 to your Android device. And, remarkably, not only does it allow you to modify the interface look to make it more pretty, it also brings some additional characteristics that make your phone even more like an iPhone. The first thing you need to do once you have Launcher iOS 13 installed is to select your wallpaper from those that arrive on iOS by default. You will see how the task bar rolls out from the bottom of the screen, like on the iPhone, or how the edges of all the icons are rounded.

You will discover a lot of variation in the setup choices on Launcher iOS 13. In each row and column, you can change the size of the icons to fit more or less, as well as configure gesture shortcuts or even set the blur you will see when you open your app drawer. Launcher iOS 13 is a strong Android launcher that provides your Android a very elegant look by’ disguising’ it as an iPhone with some very exciting characteristics and lots of beautiful wallpapers.

Launcher iOS 13 Apk Features

  • Start menu for iOS 12 and 13 Style launcher
  • Android in Stylish Tiles – In Start Menu
  • Best application can be found on One Click – Create shortcuts by pressing and holding feature of the most used application on Desktop.
  • Easy App navigation
  • Built-in Launcher iOS 12 File Explorer support
  • Creating, cutting, copying, pasting, moving, sharing, etc.
  • List all your PC-style disks, SD card, storage, audio and video files and images.
  • Taskbar For iOS 12 style launcher
  • Put the Recycle bin files and delete them in style later
  • With integrated ZIP assistance, you can decompress or extract ZIP / RAR files
  • Center for Action. Notifier Center: With the Notification Center you can check the application or system notification.

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Download Launcher iOS 13 Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 4: Leena Desktop UI Apk

The Leena Ui apk is a multi-window apk launcher that provides the desktop os experience to your Android devices. This app provides users with a indigenous desktop interface. It not only serves as an operating system experience, it is also an app that operates hard and feels like someone else. There is no rooting, no hacking, the Leena UI apk Leena launcher is an app that integrates seamlessly into the user unit and enables android to be used as a complete user interface of the desktop. This app enables users to use devices such as mobile phones, where users return to a laptop or PC by default. Users can write lengthy mail comfortably, browse a big screen or do some hard work, just download and install the Leena apk due to its nicer apk.

Leena UI apk is a content rating app for the user interface. This app is intended with great gratitude for a user that you need to attempt to enjoy its characteristics at once. To learn more about the Leena app, you can visit the Leena UI website. You can download and install this app on Android devices that support pcs of new generation. Use your browser to download this app that you want to use. Please note that the original Leena UI app is available on our website.

Leena UI apk Features

These are the features of the Leena UI apk:-

  • The launcher of the Leena UI apk is a multi-window apk.
  • This app enables users to use devices such as mobile devices, cell phones, where users are returned to a laptop or PC by default. Users can browse big screen to write lengthy mails comfortably, or do some hard work.
  • Just download the Leena apk and install it as its nicer apk.
  • It is a very true and distinctive user-friendly desktop app.
  • Using the app is simple and easy.
  • Not only is it a purpose of the operating system experience, but it is an app that works hard and feels like someone else.

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No 5: Bolt Launcher Apk

Bolt Launcher is an elegant and personalized Android phone launcher app. Bored with your home screen by default? Here you will discover your dream topics and wallpapers from Bolt!
Bolt Launcher offers lots of live wallpapers, distinctive theme wallpapers and a cool android-free launcher app! You can appreciate Bolt Launcher’s lovely live wallpapers and theme app. Everything here is vibrant and alive.

Bolt Launcher Apk Features

  • Cool unique charging effects. Enjoy the distinct experience of charging!
  • Live wallpaper & 3D wallpaper: Android wallpaper, including free live wallpaper, girls ‘ live wallpaper, etc.
  • Android-free topics: provide your phone with android topics
  • Call screen themes: Glitter the incoming call and increase the vibrant and eye-catching call screen
  • Emojis: Share your family and friends with feelings!
  • Effect of transition: pages dance between your fingers
  • Cleaner Notification: Remove notifications of junk

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Download Bolt Launcher Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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