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Top 5 best Android launchers 2020

No 1: Modern Launcher Apk

Modern Launcher 2019 is simple to use, stylish and offers superior performance. It has stylized the home screen of your phone in electric circuit style which gives your android phone a next generation launcher or virtual theme. A new clean and perfect user interface design which allows users to experience easier and better interactive control. It offers more wonderful and useful features and color themes that complement different styles of your handset.

Modern Launcher Apk Features

  • Modern Launcher 2019 provides users with a modern and seamless user interface that offers extremely fast and smarter handling experience.
  • We have built topics for your users with a lot of love and enthusiasm, so you can provide modern, fresh, next generation UI and virtual views to your phones every day because of the nice mobile colouring themes .. The most stylish launcher.
  • Through pressing it at length, you can personalize icons and alter the version you want.
  • It makes access to all applications much simpler by just the left swipe, which enables you to obtain full device information.
  • The launch circuit is provided with clock, weather information and battery widget.
  • Many color topics appear in Modern Launcher 2019.
  • Click the left swipe to view all apps installed in mobile.
  • Animations easy to activate or disable.
  • Replace the icon button on the home screen by pressing tile for a longer time.

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Download Modern Launcher Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 2: Pioneering Launcher Apk

This is one of the new topics in 2019 that is a full mobile wallpaper changer. The 2019 High-tech Pioneering Launcher! Enter a new style with one of the best themes for 2019 on your phone. This is one of Android’s most successful startups. This latest, easy to use, flatter efficiency, superbly built, multicolored themes, highly customizable, lower battery consumption, stylish, fast, intelligent, lightweight, secure and customized expertise are the Pioneering Launcher 2019–High Technology Subject. High-tech launcher theme launch full version of Pioneering Launcher 2019 is free. This launcher is a great app for loving your phone’s new look. This high-tech launcher has a full color UI with a scifish feel.

Pioneering Launcher Apk Features

  • Pioneering Launcher 2019-The subject high-tech is easy to use and is also very powerful and quicker.
  • Launcher allows users to click and adjust their app at any icon for a long time.
  • Pioneering Launcher 2019-High-tech theme gives you a sense of scifis. High-tech wallpapers are affordable.
  • Pioneering Launcher 2019-The topic of high-tech offers 21 international languages that provide more personalized experience for users.
  • On the left hand side of the screen, you can access all applications. App can very easily be searched with the alphabet index search and with the application name in the search option.
  • Pioneering Launcher 2019-A very nice collection of topics offers you a highly technical subject. It offers millions of beautiful multicolored themes that give your android telephone an elegant and unique look.

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Download Pioneering Launcher Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 3: SS Launcher Apk

The Application supports a range of shortcut types to create a big mobile screen like a cover page in a magazine. You can add some fancy font files(.ttf and.otf) to a more beautiful screen and use it in shortcuts. Save and share your work with your friends in a box.

SS Launcher Apk Features

  • Set various background pictures for each page
  • Compose various designs to direct the screen
  • Decorate screens for shortcuts and widgets in a range of styles.
  • Open designing and redimensioning of all products (shortcuts and widgets)
  • For each shortcut, support four direction gestures. (Free version restricted)
  • Contact pages, bookmarks, application drawer, application community, simple, fast access.
  • Many useful features of the application drawer: application parcel(folder), device display / control, mark star for favorite apps, application icon and name change, app uninstallation etc.
  • Build and manage the drag and drop application group by list.
  • Load the theme, styles and configurations of your websites.
  • Turns the theme file saved into apk. (Please contact us for further details via e-mail)
  • Hide status bar, swip down the open status bar.
  • Without launcher 7, launcher 8, dvr, minimalistic text, wp clock, watchr etc, you may implement nice screen.
  • Via continuous updates, we will enhance our application.

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Download SS Launcher Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 4: Niagara Launcher Apk

Niagara Launcher gives you easy access to apps you use most. It is a simple, smart and minimalistic launcher. Once you run it first, you can choose from one to eight applications whose icons always appear on your screen. You can use the alphabet scroll on the right side of your screen to access your other applications.

One of Niagara Launcher’s most interesting features is that it allows you to directly read messages from home. You can view incoming messages without opening the app under the icon for the message app (such as WhatsApp, LINE, or Telegram). A sleek finish, Niagara Launcher takes up little space. However, unlike many other launchers, it provides no many unnecessary features that most users never want but only a simple and convenient interface to provide.

Niagara Launcher Apk Features

  • All programs are alphabetically ordered.
  • Switch of home screen updates.
  • Possibility of hiding software or bloatware now installed.
  • Various Wallpapers.

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Download Niagara Launcher Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 5: Letters Launcher Apk

This app designed for one-handed use of the phones. Contact goals are skewed toward the bottom of the screen so that they are within easy reach of the thumb. It’s easy, and lightweight. The download size is less than 0.7 MB, and it occupies just over 2 MB when installed. By default, sliding through the keys will show apps that start with the letter you selected. An app may be assigned to each letter / number key, which can then be activated automatically just by holding the key for a long time.

Letters Launcher Apk Features

  • You will be taken to his instance by the program manager at long pressure on a selected application.
  • It has only a basic clock / date indicator instead of a widget area when a device drawer is removed. The region above the current clock / underneath controls the device luminosity.
  • Want widgets still? Assign a swipe to start a more traditional type of launcher at home. To keep things lightweight, I suggest using Zeam launcher
  • Still, the brightness of the screen doesn’t work when “auto-gloss” is set. This must be disabled manually in the settings of the Android system.
  • The clock doesn’t sync in real time automatically. I chose to avoid the additional overhead for this phase, albeit limited. It only cools up when it comes up, instead.
  • While I did not want to have a special application permit, I made a derogation from “modify system settings,” because I believe it is necessary for this compromise to be able to adjust the screen brightness.

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Download Letters Launcher Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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