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Top 5 Best PRANK apps for Android 2019

No 1: Funny Phone Prank Apk

This app is ideal for you if you’re searching for prank thoughts. To scare your friends, this app is a funny prank. You just have to choose a terrifying image of the gallery, a sound, a time for display, and you can also choose to vibrate the phone and take a photo of your colleague at the moment of the joke.

New Modes In Funny Phone Prank Apk Features

We’ve included fresh ways to scare your friends or even yourself in the recent version of the app:

  • Interval: Classic mode, select how quickly the scare will appear
  • Hour: If the unit is idle or closed, choose a time of day to start the scare, the app will wake it up and start the scare anyway!
  • Random: Throughout the day, the scare will start at a random time, you won’t understand when it can jump! Would you dare to use this mode?

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Download Funny Phone Prank Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 2: BombitUp Apk

BombitUp Apk is an incredible app if you want your friends, wives or even family members to play a prank. You can send them loads of emails with the assistance of BombitUp that can even hang their phone for a couple of seconds. With this app, you can even fake a call and do a lot of fun, this app has so many characteristics that will give a smile to your face for some time to come. Sometimes you catch such funny moments that for the remainder of your lives you will remember. Not only does this app enable you to send bulk SMS or make fake calls, but you can also send bulk messages, and the best part of this incredible app is that it’s free.

BombitUp Apk Features

  • With the assistance of this app, you can send custom SMS, you can customize your email to suit your needs.
  • This app will do your job very nicely if you want to spam somebody’s email.
  • You can send SMS, international calls, with the assistance of BombitUp.
  • You can anonymously send miss calls globally, but this app has a sending limit of 5 miss calls a day.
  • If you want to protect yourself from SMS Bomber, or someone who uses the same app to irritate you, you can register with this app and you won’t receive any SMS, phone calls or email afterwards.
  • Directly in your app, you can get the recent update notification. To download the latest version every time, you don’t have to visit any site.

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Download BombitUp Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 3: Tak Zang Apk

Tak Zang Apk will send any number you want to receive unlimited miss calls. Most applications for Miss call bomber are high memory applications, but this is a lightweight application that can also be played on any lite smartphone. You all understand that it’s fun to tease our friends. You can’t lose a opportunity to get them pranked, irritated or funny. Miss bomber calling is the best way to do this. Imagine your friends ‘ reaction when he definitely wonders a bunch of miss calls. He’s going to be scared, what happened to me. One tap allows you to send unlimited miss call. There’s a lot of application that helps but this is a lite application that won’t cover a lot of portable room. It won’t consume much memory either.

Tak Zang Apk Features

  • In the application, you can select either English or Persian language.
  • Application of lite weight consumes small memory.
  • It is possible to make unlimited Miss calls.
  • Between miss calls, you can set the delay.
  • Absolute request free of charge.
  • Best in Call Bomber Miss
  • Gives a bell to one.
  • Stop whenever you like.
  • Easy to use and install.

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Download Tak Zang Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 4: Fake Call Apk

Android Market’s most professional and beautiful fake caller I d app! Get the trouble out, get a fake call I d for yourself! Simulate a fake caller I d in order to rescue you from an awkward scenario such as boring conference, irritating discussion, pointless interview …

Fake CallApk Features

  • Simulate Fake calling screen as the actual phone call with complete animation. Offered for all samsung appliances
  • Customize fake caller I d, photo, fake call number
  • Timetable multiple false calls
  • Fake quick call setting
  • Fake SMS
  • Plan a fresh false call at a particular moment
  • Fake now, previous, future too
  • From your contacts select the fake caller Id
  • Also shown in the history of your false call

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Download Fake Call Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 5: Fake Chat Conversations Apk

Fake Chat Conversations is the perfect app to create fake, real-looking WhatsApp conversations, then send them to friends to pull pranks. It’s very simple to use fake chat conversations. First, create as many users as you like, adding names and pictures as you like. You can also use whatever names and photos you want to create groups. One of this app’s best parts is that you can change anything and everything. You can even add different types of documents with any duration, such as audio messages. For different users, you can also change the background and add locations, photos, and anything else you want.

Fake Chat Conversations Apk Features

  • Fake profile.
  • Fake messages from the voice.
  • Fake free calls.
  • Complete new support for emoji.

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Download Fake Chat Conversations Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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