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Top 5 Best USEFUL apps for Android 2019 – Must INSTALL

No 1: Gravity Gestures Apk

Gravity Gestures could be a revolutionary application that helps you save plenty of your time. Gravity gestures may be a free app to associate completely different gestures created with our mechanical man device to specific functions, simulating the service provided by “Moto Action” common to Motorola smartphones. The app is really capable of completely differentiating between four different movements, one for every axis of rotation within the 3 spatial planes and another that consists in shaking it horizontally. each of them will be associated to Associate in Nursing freelance action, like something from gap Associate in Nursing app to launching a selected service or maybe activating a special characteristic on your smartphone just like the electric lamp perform or your WiFi network manager. You do not ought to open this application manually. Any time your smartphone screen is lit, Gravity Gestures can mechanically initiate. All you’ve got to try and do is activate it once from your settings menu so it stays on and you’ll activate its response by gesturing on your screen whenever you wish.

Gravity Gestures Apk Features

  • The four gestures you’ll build are: rotation X, rotation Y, rotation Z and shake.
    You can link completely different actions to those gestures: open AN app, toggle settings (like WiFi and Bluetooth), build a decision, etc.
  • The interface is easy, friendly and follows the material design specification. You can add as many gesture as you want and delete them anytime with just a swipe.
  • The app mechanically starts once you activate your device, you do not ought to open it whenever. you’ll be able to even use your gestures, once the screen is off.
  • The battery consumption is admittedly low considering the sort of application due to Associate in Nursing innovative sensors polling rule.

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No 2: VivaCut Apk

VivaCut for automaton, an expert Video Editor for Hollywood-level video making. whether or not you would like to create creative films or just share recollections and funny moments. with friends, oral exam Cut is that the most suitable option for you. Multi-layer timeline and intensity key options assist you create microorganism videos with music for Youtube and Instagram. Cutting, combining or intensity keying clips, open the gate of best video editor only for you. You may conjointly use its multi-layer timeline and vividness key to make lovely video collages for social media. Or merge clips, add text, music, and filters to make obvious video and extraordinary slideshow. Take a leap for your video and skill successive free video editor generation. oral examination video written material for extraordinary life!

VivaCut Apk Features

  • [Green Screen/Chroma key compositing] Combine/mix videos sort of a Hollywood-level film
  • [Keyframe Animation] Apply to Mask, Video/Photo Collage, Text, Stickers, Emoji, etc.
  • [Music Marker] Mark the track and add effects according to the music rhythm
  • [Audio Extraction] Video editor with music, “VivaCut” allows you to extract music/ audio from any video
  • [Multi-layer timeline] An intuitive and sleek editing interface with zoom for frame by frame precision. Trim and cut clips with great accuracy.
  • [Filters] Edit unique videos with adjustable filters and effects
  • [Picture in Picture] Combine clips together to create double exposures and eye-catching YouTube videos for free.

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No 3: Drawers Apk

App drawers in robot assist you to cut back litter if you’ve got too several apps on your phone. They allow you to search through apps and organize them in alphabetical or in no matter order you wish. Well, if you’re exploitation your current app drawer for quite whereas then you may wish to alter it and check out one thing new. one thing which will provide your phone a decent look and feel and conjointly deliver some awful options. One of the massive variations between the app drawer and also the home screen of the device, if each of them use icons, is that the house screen may be made-to-order to whichever applications the user desires to feature. associate degree app drawer, in contrast, could be a complete list of everything put in on the device and can’t be made-to-order. think about the app drawer because the “permanent record” of all put in applications.

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Download Drawers Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 4: AppsFree Apk

AppsFree provides an simple and convenient way to free for a restricted moment to discover and download paid applications, games, wallpapers and icon packs. Through our sophisticated filter environments, customize your experience, so you will only see the sort of applications you are genuinely interested in. AppsFree lists only real paid applications free for a restricted period of time. We’re not going to trick you into downloading ever-free applications.

AppsFree Apk Features

  • The list of temporary free applications is constantly being updated to prevent you from waiting for a daily / weekly roundup.
  • For hot applications and individual categories of your liking, notifications can be allowed.
  • By identifying your minimum download and rating threshold or filter applications with advertisements or in-app purchases, use filters to customize the list of temporary free applications.
  • Swipe to dismiss apps that you already own or are not interested in, and the next time the app is free for a limited time, you won’t see or get notified about it.
  • Not interested in some category applications (such as games or wallpapers)? No problem, just disable them, and in your list you won’t find applications from those categories.
  • To exclude applications containing particular keywords (e.g. icon pack, wallpaper, or watchface), use our keyword filter.

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No 5: Auto Clicker Apk

Auto Clicker is a very helpful instrument to make it easy and easy for you to do repetitive assignments on your Android. With this app, you can press automatically without leaving the device in hand, making it easy to use a easy and lightweight app to perform many functions. The first thing to do is to modify the settings as required for your assignment once you accept the permissions. Set the frequency and duration of the click and how long the system will run. You can begin distributing your clicks around the entire screen once you have made these fundamental changes. You will discover a menu bar on the left side of the screen where you can regulate the buttons before, during and after the process. To add clicks, press the+ button and set them to the precise location where you want the click to be. Add as many as you need and distribute to your requirements. Tap the-button to remove any of them. One of Tapping’s benefits-Auto Clicker is that you can save your clickers ‘ place whenever you want to proceed your activity. This instrument will assist you accomplish every job you set for yourself if you want to take complete benefit of your favourite game and maintain it from closing off inactivity.

Auto Clicker Apk Features

  • The user interface is friendly and simple to use
  • Multiple click points support, various swipes
  • Have a worldwide timer to run for some moment
  • Can automatic scripts import / export?

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