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Top 5 SECRET Apps to Customize Android 2019

No 1: Bottom Quick Settings Apk

Bottom Quick Settings is an application to change the location of your quick settings panel, typically hidden at the top of the screen. With this app, at the bottom of the screen, your quick settings panel appears, making it easier to slide it out with just one hand.

You can customize the look of your toolbar as well as the way it works in the settings on Bottom Fast Settings. By selecting the number of rows and columns, you can select which icons are displayed. You can also adjust its size and position to suit your preferences. Bottom Quick Settings is an interesting customization app for you, a very important part of the Android interface, if you want to find the perfect placement for your quick settings panel.

Bottom Quick Settings Apk Features

  • Customization of full color
  • Checks all notifications
  • Push the status bar of your phone to the bottom of the screen
  • Full alert support and device icons configuration
  • Layout: Adjust the number of columns and lines of tiles
  • Customizable location and scale so that the navigation movements do not interfere
  • Options for hiding in the countryside and in full screen
  • Change the background colors of the panel and the fast setting icons
  • Post your own and use other people’s customizations in this Telegram forum

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Download Bottom Quick Settings Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 2: LED Keyboard Lighting Apk

LED Keyboard Lighting— Zayzik Studio is designing Mechanical Keyboard RGB and the latest version of LED Keyboard Lighting — Mechanical Keyboard RGB 5.5.2 was released on November 6, 2019. LED Keyboard Lighting-RGB Mechanical Keyboard is in the Customization class. You can check all LED Keyboard Lighting-Mechanical Keyboard RGB developer apps and find 59 alternative LED Keyboard Lighting apps on Android-Mechanical Keyboard RGB. This app is currently free of charge. You can download this app from oceantrickz on Android 5.0+. All APK / XAPK files are original and 100% secure with quick download.

Build your own typing style and pick “neon wallpaper backgrounds,” “keyboard emojis” electric light, symbols, emoticons, preferred languages, input tap, and many more options await you. So, now this beautiful theme, awesome keyboard apps make you happy when you talk because there’s amazing theme with a lot more keyboard features, emojis and much more.

LED Keyboard Lighting Apk Features

  • Tons of stickers and emojis to express yourself
  • Colorful skins on the keyboard
  • Amazing effects make this LED keyboard different from other LED keyboards
  • Keyboard sound: turn on / off key sounds and vibration as you type
  • Quick keyboard type: All effects are perfectly matched to your typing and movements
  • Make your phone look colorful and change the color of your keyboard!
  • Fluent and fast when you type keyboard theme with sparkling LED lights
  • Our Led Keyboard will be lit in bright red colours, green clour, yellow colour, blue colour, and you will type even in the dark without any problems.
  • Offers an authentic animated simple chic keyboard for LED keyboard, cool keyboards

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Download LED Keyboard Lighting Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 3: Button Mapper Apk

Button Mapper makes it easy for your volume buttons, Bixby buttons or other hardware buttons to map custom actions. Remap buttons with a single, double or long press to open any device, shortcut or custom action. There’s no need for heart.

Button Mapper can restore most physical or capacitive keys and buttons such as volume buttons, Bixby buttons on Samsung Galaxy phones, and capacitive home, back and recent app keys found by Samsung, ASUS, HTC, OnePlus, Xiaomi and others on smartphones. Button Mapper on many gamepads and other peripheral devices can also restore buttons. If your computer is rooted or you run a special adb order, button mapper will not function when the display is off.

Button Mapper Apk Features

  • Simulate keycodes (requires root or adb command)
  • Swap volume keys for change of orientation
  • App size default (or ring volume on or later on Android Pie)
  • Customizing haptic feedback (vibration) on the press button and pressing for a long time

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Download Button Mapper Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 4: Notification Animations Apk

Notification Animations is an application that will allow us to see a nice additional animation every time we receive a notification. We can choose which specific applications we want to display animated notifications, or let all of our apps do it.

From the options menu, we can choose from more than a dozen different animations, which we can also tailor to our wishes. We may increase or decrease the speed of the animation, or allow the app to be opened by simply pressing on the animation. We will also be able to create a soft list of applications or add a small text after each animation. Notification Animations is a very interesting customization app, thanks to which we can give our Android terminal a unique touch. Few apps allow us to add animations alongside our updates, and even less allow us to do so with so many possibilities and so good finish.

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Download Notification Animations Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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No 5: Classy hightech Launcher 2 Apk

Classy high-tech Launcher 2 2019 — Easy to use, stylish and high-performance next-generation launcher. It stylized the home screen of your phone in electrical circuit style that gives your android phone a next-generation launcher or virtual theme. A new clean and flawless user interface design that allows users to have easier and better responsive command. This offers more beautiful and useful features and color themes that bring different styles to your phone.

Classy hightech Launcher 2 2019 — Next generation launcher provides users with a sleek and seamless user interface that is extremely fast and smarter to manage. It’s the most stylish launcher because it provides the users with beautiful mobile color themes, we’ve built lots of love and affection for you so users can give their phones new, clean, next-generation UI and digital look every day. By pressing on it for a long time, you can customize icons, you can change app whatever you like most. It allows you a much simpler way to access all the applications by swipping only left where you can get full information about the app. The circuit launcher offers clock, weather information and battery widget.

Classy hightech Launcher 2 Apk Features

  • Classy high-tech Launcher 2 2019 — The launcher of the next generation offers many color themes.
  • By pressing it for a long time you can change the app.
  • Using left swipe to view all apps installed on the phone.
  • Animations are easy to activate or disable.
  • Replace the icon app with another app on home screen by pressing the tile for a long time.
  • Animations are smoother and quicker.
  • Deinstall the app by clicking on the app for a long time in the app list.

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Download Classy hightech Launcher 2 Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

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