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No 1: Bouncer Apk

Bouncer helps you to briefly issue permissions. Would you like to tag a place or take a photo, but don’t want it to be able to use the camera or get your location whenever you want? That is just what Bouncer gives you. Bouncer will automatically remove the permission for you in an instant as soon as you exit the app, so you can get back to doing what you do best, without having to worry about devices that violate your privacy and drain your battery.

Bouncer is designed for one-time permissions, not privileges where you just want the app to have them in the foreground. Bouncer can be used for both purposes but they’ll be in the forefront a lot of the time as you use devices throughout the day.

Bouncer Apk Features

  • Increased battery life, security and privacy
  • Always think about what applications are doing behind the scenes
  • No complicated setup (no root or adb) required.

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No 2: Muviz Edge Apk

Muviz Edge is a first of its kind application which displays a Live Music Visualizer around the edges of your screen while listening to music from your favorite music apps. Adding edge music lighting to your new age devices with edge to edge of rounded screen is a perfect music companion.

Muviz Edge Apk Features

  • From a selection of stock palettes pick colours.
  • Use album cover colors / album art / cover art of the music currently playing.
  • Colors from current album art automatically apply.
  • Choose your own palette of custom colours.
  • Save all the color palettes in your list of palettes

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No 3: Duplicate Files Fixer and Remover Apk

“Duplicate Files Fixer” detects and eliminates duplicate files from your Android device so that additional storage space can be recovered without much ado. In addition, the new functionality added to the application will also eliminate similar photo-cleaner files. You can search for similar images, copies of files stored on the phone’s internal or external storage, using this tool. Plus, Duplicate Files Fixer scans the contents of duplicate files irrespective of file name and format.

Duplicate Files Fixer and Remover Apk Features

  • Looks for the same duplicate files saved on your Android device
  • Identifies copies of photos which look both exact and identical
  • Detects and delets all duplicate file types
  • White lists Android files to prevent accidental erasure
  • Preview all the duplicate files detected for more secure search
  • Full scanning mode and other advanced searches
  • Extensive duplicate finding and removal tool
  • Option to set criteria for the scanning
  • Auto-mark option for quick removal of duplicates

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No 4: SideBar Apk

Sidebar Lite is an app that lets you set up a convenient sidebar drop-down in your Android smartphone. By default, the sidebar appears on the left side of the screen, but if you prefer (which is more comfortable if you are left) you can also place it on the right side of the screen, Sidebar Lite allows you to modify the size of the area where the drop-down feature of the bar and its thickness will be used. Once you have the bar you can of course customize it. Attach all the devices you want, turn on or off the WiFi, or turn the Bluetooth on or off.

Sidebar Lite is an extremely simple and lightweight app that allows you to customize your Android smartphone whatever you want. For certain smartphones, the sidebar may not be very useful but it could be incredibly useful for tablets or bigger smartphones.

SideBar Apk Features

The lite version of the sidebar would be useful to anybody, however some of the options are available only if you pay for the pro version (such as the final two).

  • Once your system starts up it begins.
  • It lets you pin up to 8 favorites that can be accessed in a flash.
  • It takes up very little space.
  • This includes controls and settings of some of the most commonly used options: start-up, Wi-Fi, Tasklight, Data, GPS, Music Player …
  • There is a Task Manager, which removes other running applications.
  • You can change colors, brightness and sizes of bars.

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No 5: AutoResponder for WA Apk

The customized messages received with this chat bot are automatically replied to WhatsApp or WA Company. You can personalize each automatic response to your needs in many settings. Free download now and marvel at your bot for your friends or customers! Tips and tricks: emojis can be used by copying or adding them with a keyboard directly from WhatsApp. Images, videos or other media files can not be sent. It is not possible to send. If the bot doesn’t work for yourself, update WhatsApp Messenger to the latest version. Please contact me if the beta update doesn’t work anymore. Don’t work with Web Apps and tablets from WhatsApp. Depending on how they function, the dual / clone WA apps can work. Works with the business WhatsApp.

AutoResponder for WA Apk Features

  • WhatsApp or WA Business automated response
  • Customizable individually
  • Several automation instruments included
  • Answer all messages if you are busy
  • Give responses to certain messages
  • New Chats Welcome Message
  • Echtzeit (position, time, name, etc.) Answers
  • Several responses in one code
  • Works with touch, groups and numbers unknown

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